Air & Sea Freight from

Sri Lanka to USA

Swyft is an international logistics service provider, helping you ship large volume shipments through air and sea freight to USA

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Air Freight & Sea Freight Solutions

If you are looking to ship large volumes out of Sri Lanka to USA, you can choose to ship with us. We offer both sea freight and air freight solutions from Colombo, Sri Lanka to all major ports in USA.

Origin Services

We offer end-to-end international freight forwarding solutions, including:

  • Collection and packaging services
  • Obtaining the necessary shipping certifications (Forestry, Phytosanitary etc.)
  • Export clearances including customs declaration and entry passes

Transport Services

Choose the best freight forwarding option for you based on your requirements:

  • Sea Freight – Select between Less Container Load (LCL) & Full Container Loads (FCL) options based on the weight and volume of your shipment
  • Airfreight – Ideal for shipments that are in +45, +100, +300 & +500 kilo weight brackets

Destination Services

Once your goods arrive safely in your destination country, we can further simplify the clearance process for you by:

  • Providing import clearance including customs clearances, documentation processing, and cargo clearances
  • Unloading of goods from ship or airplane upon arrival post-clearance
  • Transport & delivery of the cargo from the port to your delivery destination

Which Option Should I Choose?

Air Freight or Sea Freight?

Choosing the right freight option can be a little confusing when you don't know the specifics of airfreight and sea freight. We are here to help you make that decision and ship large quantities to USA from Sri Lanka easily.

Sea Freight

If you can bear with the lengthy shipping durations of sea freight, then it’s the most practical way to transport your cargo from Sri Lanka.

Sea freight shipping usually involves packing your goods into a container, either with other consignments (LCL shipping), or sealed in a dedicated unit (FCL shipping).

Depending on the international commercial terms applicable to your shipment, you will be responsible for some, if not, all transportation. That means you will need to decide if you want a port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door, or door-to-door freight service. At Swyft, we offer choices between all of these options, for both LCL and FCL freight.

Air Freight

Shipping by air is generally a lot faster but more expensive than shipping by ocean. So the option you choose will depend on the size and weight of your shipment, and how quickly you want it to arrive at your destination. If you are unsure between sea or air freight, then think of the following when making a decision:

  • Do you want your goods to be delivered quickly to their recipient?
  • Is this a high-value shipment that requires the tight security offered by airlines and airport operators?
  • Are you shipping fast perishable, fragile, and or delicate items?
  • How big is your shipment? Does it occupy any more than two to three pallets?

Why Choose Swyft?

Regardless of your business’ scope and scale, Swyft can help simplify your processes for exporting from Sri Lanka to any port in the US.

With over 5 years of experience in handling shipments for over 500 customers, we have the knowledge and resources to make sure all your shipments are handled at international delivery standards.

Working with Swyft means you are introduced to world-class logistics service standards.

In addition to our expert knowledge in handling various types of shipments, you are also privy to our online quotation request services, seamless online payment gateway, live freight tracking & updates, and the resources of the top global shipping companies at your disposal when you choose to ship with us.


Choose from freight services and pricing options that you like and fits your budget and total requirement

Quality Guaranteed

We work with internationally acclaimed delivery partners who ensure high quality with every shipment

Package Tracking

Enjoy live tracking updates from the comfort of your home or office from the moment we send your shipment out

Expert Advice

Access to fulfillment experts via call, email, and chat during regular business hours (Mon – Fri, 10 AM – 5 PM)

Value-Added Services

Because your shipments deserve the best care

Depending on the option you choose (LCL or FCL) we can pack your items to international shipping standards prior to sending out your consignment


For high-value goods, you can choose to insure your shipment for added safety

Clearance & Brokerage

Shipping with us is a one-stop solution. Our team can take care of the clearance and transportation of your shipment once it reaches the ports in USA


Store your goods in our warehouse in Nevada, USA, and ship to your customers based on your orders 

How To Get Started

If you are interested to start doing business that involves you exporting items from Sri Lanka to the USA, we have a quick guide that will help you get started. Please read below to see how you can start shipping from Sri Lanka to USA as a business:

  • The first step to doing business is setting up your business. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has compiled a report called “Doing Business in Sri Lanka”. You can access it here
  • Next, when you want to set up your business, you can get the help of the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka. Depending on the level of business, the BOI can provide you with tax incentives
  • To know more about Sri Lanka’s tax structure, you can contact the Department of Inland Revenue
  • Since you will be importing and exporting items out of Sri Lanka, it’s good to refer this document compiled by the Export Development Board of Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship with Swyft?

There are 2 ways you can go about this.

If you choose to use our platform, check option 1. If you chose to reach out to us via email, check option 2:

Option 1 – Platform

  1. Finish packing the item to get its final weight and size
  2. Log into the system
  3. View rates
  4. Select service
  5. Fill in order details
  6. Once labels are received from Swyft, print and paste them on the package
  7. Request a pickup by Swyft (you will incur a small charge), or drop-off at our Swyft office

Option 2 – Email

  1. Finish packing the item to get its final weight and size
  2. View rates on our system or link
  3. Share order details via email (in an excel template)
  4. Once labels are received from Swyft, print and paste them on the packages
  5. Request a pickup by Swyft (you will incur a small charge), or drop-off at our Swyft office

Do I have to be a registered business to use this? Can anyone use Swyft?

You do not have to be a business to use Swyft. Our services are for everyone!

Once you have an order, you can start shipping in just a few clicks. Shipping with Swyft is easy – you can pay as you go, and there are zero commitments!

What are the types of packaging options provided by Swyft?

We provide basic packaging:

  • Sealed envelopes
  • Poly mailer flyers
  • Corrugated boxes
Type Box dimensions (cm’s) Weight bracket
Box 1 45 x 34 x 32 10 KG
Box 2 50 x 40 x 30 12 KG
Box 3 52 x 32 x 40 15 KG
Box 4 54 x 44 x 39 19 KG
Box 5 50 x 50 x 50 25 KG

We also provide the following additional packaging at an added cost:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Paper wrapping
  • Shrink wrap