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Any eCommerce site owner’s dream is to have a new customer buy the product, love it so much that they convert into recurring customers, and even promotes your brand within their circles. This sounds fairly easy, but how realistic is this to achieve? You might even think “If it’s only this easy to market an eCommerce business”.

To have recurring customers, you must first build trust with your audience. And one of the fastest and best ways to go about is to create a positive user experience, starting with the way in which your store or brand looks (whether it’s on a website or your social media), to being upfront about your policies and overall security of your store (if there are any online payment methods involved) especially considering the very public data breaches faced by companies as of late. 

Positive user experiences can be built by making a few small changes and improvements to your store which will act as ‘trust deposits’, by eliminating any trust gaps customers may have with your brand. We like to think the ultimate visitor trust is based on transactions, repeat purchases, and referrals. Here are some simple ways to build trust and market your eCommerce business:

Show the face behind the brand 
With the sheer number of brands and eCommerce stores that have sprung up as of late, customers tend to shop with authentic brands – especially one where they can see who is behind their favorite brand. Many marketers have taken this route – ever wondered why internet personalities and influencers create a line of merchandise and manage to sell out just as soon as they launch? That’s because consumers buy brands that they like to think they have a personal connection with.

If you have a social media-based business, look at showing the faces behind the brand – from the founder to those who make what you sell. Customers like to purchase from ‘real’ brands, with real people to who they can relate. If you have a website, make sure to include a few images of those from your team, and a small blurb about the personalities, so your customers feel connected with. 

Get ratings and reviews
One of the best forms of endorsements you can get for your brand is through genuine customer reviews and feedback. Whether it’s prompting your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page, or on Google Business Reviews, or even by screenshotting and sharing feedback sent via a direct message to your social media page, people like to see the experience of your previous customers before engaging with you.

Make sure you request your customers to leave a good review based on their experience with you at their point of purchase, either on your confirmation email/ message or once their order has been received. This small act of help really goes a long way for your eCommerce store. 

Be upfront 
No customers like to engage with a brand that adds hidden costs at the point of checkout or has an unclear return and exchange policy. Through research, it was found that if you have an unclear or hard-to-find returns policy for your store, 68% of consumers are likely to abandon their shopping cart. Being upfront also helps customers build trust in your brand, knowing that they can always come back to you for any returns or exchanges. 

Have a seamless customer order fulfillment process
And last but not least, it’s vital that your eCommerce business has a seamless order fulfillment process. What is order fulfillment you may ask? It’s simply the act of delivering your goods. Any eCommerce business (big or small) has a requirement to dispatch orders to customers once their orders are confirmed. And eCommerce fulfillment includes the process of receiving inventory, storing inventory, picking and packing products, and dispatching orders to your customers. 

Most eCommerce businesses tend to focus on making sales and take the easier and obvious route, but don’t stop to think of easy, simple yet creative ways to grow. As part of this, Marketing an eCommerce store is through to be secondary, and they also mostly focus on local deliveries, as they find international shipping to be costly, inconvenient, and risky – especially for high-value or fragile items.

Here to challenge that mindset, Swyft makes cross-border shipping a breeze for any eCommerce business, with their extensive shipment tracking and handling team who dedicate their time to ensure your package is delivered safe and sound.

If you are interested to know more about international shipping with Swyft, you can reach out to our team here

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