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How many miles have you scrolled with your thumb and that too on shopping websites? Do you check multiple shopping sites daily to see if they have any special offers? Do you end up with a full cart of shopping, waiting to click the “checkout” button, but does the high shipping cost, and the hassle of clearances make you have second thoughts? Have you wondered how you can easily import goods to Sri Lanka? Believe us when we say it, it’s not just you. 

Shopping online has now become more of a habit for most people. So it’s easy to imagine how disheartening it is to see that not all brands we like to shop from, ship to Sri Lanka. Given the current state of the country, you might even wonder if it is even possible to shop online and bring down the products we love from abroad. And the answer to that is a definite yes. Even with the ongoing economic situation, consumer products can be shipped from all over the world to your doorstep. 

And your next question is going to be, “but will it be expensive?” because we know there’s a very high chance that it will be. But bringing items down from abroad needn’t be expensive. The products we see on websites look expensive as they calculated shipping on the terms and cost of their international shipping service providers. And you don’t need to shop and ship on those terms. You can opt to bring down the items on your own, on your own terms. Can this be done? Well yes, definitely. 

If you are unsure of how you can purchase items, and ship them to Sri Lanka, just give us a shout. Swyft now has a sister brand known as “Amazon Direct”, where customers can either choose to shop themselves and ship it to our warehouse in America or give us a list, and we can do the shopping and shipping for you. 

It’s a fairly simple 3 process – Order, Pay & Deliver!

You can choose the items you want to order from literally any website, make the payment (either you can make the order to give us all the details so we can order for you), make the necessary payment to us (for either the goods and delivery or just delivery depending on how you chose to order) and have it delivered to you within 7-10 working days! 

To get started, head over to Amazon Direct’s Instagram page. Send a direct message to @AmazonDirect.SL on Instagram – or fill out the form through the link in the bio, and our team will guide you from there. 

Doubtful about the service, and how it works? We’re a tried and tested solution, loved by many.
Here’s what some of our customers who have used Amazon Direct have to say about the service: “Amazon Direct helped me sort out my Christmas gifts this year. It was very convenient and the process was smooth. Great customer service provided. Overall a wonderful experience!!!” 

Happy Shopping!

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