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We all know that if you craft your products well, you may not need to advertise at all – saving you a huge cost in your marketing budget. But in reality, how easy is it to make a product that sells?

The current landscape for any business is a tough one. In recent months, we have seen an increase in competition, as manufacturers have access to information and resources like never before, making it a very saturated product market and an even gruesome battle for survival. Let’s discuss a few ways in which you can start your own brand and ensure you make products with a value that sells.

The ABC’s of a Good Product
We recommend keeping it SIMPLE – Simple, Interesting, Meaningful, Productive, Long-lasting, and Entertaining. When creating a ‘SIMPLE’ product, it doesn’t need to tick off all the boxes – having even 2-3 criteria is good enough to help you get your business off the ground. 

‘Flabulous’ is one such brand that was born with a very simple idea behind it – to be inclusive of plus-sized women and give them stylish clothes which can’t often be bought at usual stores. The catch? Wear the latest styles, but in sizes that actually fit, and cut to make sure it fits well with the wearer, and make them feel beautiful and confident. 

Offer Something Unique
Do keep in mind the product you choose to sell will determine your brand essence, logo, website, customer service, customer loyalty, and even shipping and fulfillment. We often think that choosing a product must be something that sells, without thinking too much into what actually makes a product that sells. 

Our second tip is to offer your customers something that is unique. 

What’s unique about Flabulous is that they make their own designs, and have the clothes featured on ‘models’ who are actual customers so the target market Flabulous is reaching out to, can relate to the product better. Having real people has given Flabulous the competitive edge of showing how their clothes look on ‘real’ bodies – how they fold and bend with each different curve of the body, making it a very relatable brand that has a personal touch. 

Create Obvious Value
Value isn’t only the price of your product. It is also, when your product is priced well, attractive (has usefulness to the consumer), and sells well. Making a product that taps into a niche sector, might sound scary – because you may feel like your market is limited and may restrict yourself in terms of your sales volume. But if you do it well, you can capture your potential customer’s interest and convert them into a sale, and thrive well even in a niche market. 

And what is the best way to know your product has an obvious value? Ranjula, the founder of Flabulous says it’s when customers message them saying they have never felt more beautiful in their life until they found the colorful clothing of Flabulous because they’re so used to wearing black clothes to look flattering. So, obviously, this product has created real value. 

Ensuring Seamless Deliveries
The high demand for convenience by customers doesn’t make it any easier for a business to thrive.  So how can businesses get around to creating products with value, and have great sales? 

Look at outsourcing your order fulfillment to a professional. The act of international shipping can be daunting and is often difficult for a small business to handle on one’s own. While you have someone else look at picking, packing, and shipping your items correctly, you can focus on growing your business, without getting lost in the world of international shipping – especially when you have multiple orders. 

Small businesses do not have the time or the liberty to design, manufacture, pack, market, and sell and ship their products while they continue to grow. Doing all of this in-house, in either a one-person show or with a small team, maybe expensive, giving you high overheads and is an added cost. 

That’s exactly how Flabulous found Swyft, an eCommerce fulfilment expert who specializes in cross-border deliveries. While Ranjula and her team focus on growing Flabulous and putting out eye-catching designs, Swyft picks, packs, and ships their items across the world. Watch the full interview between Swyft and Flabulous, here.

Swyft is an international fulfillment partner with experience in seamless international shipping for over 6 years. You can get in touch with us by writing to us.

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