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The Truth about Women and Work

Did you know that women in business (including those who aren’t entrepreneurs, and are part of the labour force) face many challenges in the workplace? Here are some recent stats that’ll give you some insight into these challenges women face:


As part of our Special Women’s Day Edition of Go Global, we sat down and had a chat with Sara Nazoor, who is one of the many accomplished, strong women who have broken down societal boundaries and reached for the stars through her sustainable jewellery venture Alke.  Sara was generous to share a few tricks up her sleeve which she used to overcome the hurdles that she faced as a woman in business. 


Finding a business idea

Sara started jewelry making as a hobby at the age of 13. Coming from a Psychology background with limited knowledge of the creative industry, she felt out of place when she started out. Yet, she knew her calling was to start a business of her own with the help of her passion and interest in making jewelry. 

To overcome her lack of knowledge in the industry, Sara began by volunteering in fashion shows and events and also by working in jewelry stores that went on to give her invaluable experience when it came to building her own brand. Sara understood that being persistent and confident was the key to having her first breakthrough in the creative industry. 


Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship

“You need a village to raise a child” Sara agrees. Creating work schedules with her spouse has helped divide her time between work and babysitting. Trying to work while babysitting means neither of the tasks gets your full attention, making it ineffective. Allocating time slots while having a flexible work schedule solves this problem to a great extent.

“Entrepreneurs do not have a 9-5 job, and instead it’s working around the clock with no cut-off time. So you must make it a habit to ask for support from your loved ones because you need it” says Sara.  


Pricing your product right

Women tend to be overly conscious of the prices they charge. Initially, Sara priced her items based on the cost of producing them without taking into account the hours of work she put in and any backstage struggles she faced bringing the piece to life. 

“You have got to learn to put a price on your time”. This was a trial and error for Sara as she learned this along the way but now she is confident as ever to charge her limited edition pieces their actual worth.  

A tip Sara shares are that we could always use a fresh set of eyes who see our products from a different perspective, when in a dilemma regarding which price to charge your products. However, this can have positive and negative effects therefore it is crucial to ask the right people for their opinions. 

Coming up with a cost structure for your business and inculcating the cost and profit margins is of utmost importance.  When consumers bargain, you’ll have a good sense of the maximum discount you can provide without incurring a loss.


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