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Personal Parcel Delivery 

Ship your personal packages abroad through us.
Fast, reliable and affordable rates when you ship food, clothes, gifts, documents, letters and so much more to a 100+ countries with our hassle-free, high-quality international courier service.

What can you ship?

Food & Perishables

Ship canned, sealed and packaged food items varying from baked goods, homemade food, condiments, and more.

Letters & Documents

Ship certificates, letters, and urgent documents by using our tailored document pickup and delivery service.

Gifts & Personal Items

Ship small to large packages varying from overseas gift deliveries to clothes,  electronics, household goods, and more.

What countries can you ship to?

Ship to over a 100 countries, including

Benefits of shipping with Swyft


Affordable international shipping rates for personal shipments.  Get in touch to know more about our rates.


Enjoy simple and easy international shipping, with hassle-free updates and handling of customs and courier details.


Our prices are all-inclusive of packaging charges, customs duties, and all other taxes.  

Our Packaging

Struggling to pack your items? Read the tips below on how to pack your products in the safest way possible.

Food & Perishables

Food must be placed in a plastic or cardboard box and properly labeled with details of the ingredients, manufactured and expiry date.

Clothes & Gift Items

Non-perishables such as clothes, toys, gifts, etc., should be neatly packed in a cardboard box with the contents clearly labeled.

Other Questions

If you require any further assistance or have questions regarding the packaging get in touch with us, and we will guide you


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Monthly Shipments to USA


Successful Delivery Rate

Couldn't be happier with Swyft. I sought them out after trying out many courier companies and failing at timely and professional service. The very kind employees at Swyft kept me posted everyday with details on the delivery. The international delivery was on time. They made the process extremely easy with minimal effort on my part. Thank you Swyft!

Manel GunatungaPersonal Shipment

All-Inclusive Price

There are no hidden fees, our prices are inclusive of UK taxes and custom clearance charges

Quick Delivery

Doorstep delivery in just 7 working days from Sri Lanka to the UK. Yes! We’re shipping in a week

Milestone Tracking

We provide a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your package as it moves from Sri Lanka to UK

Expert Services

Our cost includes free packaging to make sure your goods move safely from Sri Lanka to the UK